Friday, July 6, 2012

Days 9 and 10 - Amsterdam

And so, here we are, in Amsterdam! Yesterday was a long and quiet travelling day. Thankfully, everything went according to plan and there were no delays this time. We woke up bright and early to eat a nice (and last in Ireland :( breakfast and left for the airport. I got to ride a double decker bus for the very first time and it was awesome!

Day 9 - Our plane left Dublin at 11:30 and landed in Amsterdam and hour and a half later. We then made our way to Amsterdam central and it was warm and sunny when we came out. This was all fine, expect that it took us at least an hour to find our hostel. By the time we made it, we were exhausted, but still found some courage and energy to go explore the city...which was amazing!

We got lost on purpose...kind of. But we enjoyed it, since we were able to find awesome littles boutiques and interesting sights. We actually stumbled upon a torture museum, so of course, we went in, and weren't disappointed. It was so creepy, I cannot beleive these torture instruments were actually used.



Day 10 - Today, we were supposed to go rent some bikes to drive around the city. However, we got distracted by a market were all sorts of goodies were sold. We did manage to find a few souvenirs and then found the bike shop. However, we decided angainst it and walked the WHOLE day! We first went to the Vondelpark, and then we went in search of a Windmill. We did find it, but it looked like it was on a orivate property and we got really creeped out, so we left as quick as we could and took pictures of it from the other side of the river. We then stopped at a restaurant were we received excellent service and were the food was exquisite. Mmmm! We then continued on to find the Anne Frank house and then onwards to the botannic garden, which unfortunatly, ended up being closed.


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