Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 6 - Cork, Ireland

Today was a well deserved relaxing day. We slept in, went out for some breakfast and then went SHOPPING! We totally need a Penney's in Canada. The clothes! The prices! EVERYTHING! I got myself some very nice pieces for very few euros. I am so jealous that we don't have that store. It kind of reminded me of Forever21, but (dare I say it) better.

We then went to the English market and got a few goodies for a feast. Eggs, gouda cheese, and veggies were on the menu and we made ourselves a big delicious salad. After eating sandwiches, pasta and fries for a few days, the greenery was welcomed.

After, I put on my new purples skinnies, my new shoes and my awesome new top and went downstairs for a drink. We talked with a couple locals who tried to teach us some irish slangs and come gaelic sentences ( I can't say that I succeeded). All that I can remember is " 'tis grand", which means "yeah, it's ok/alright.".

We then decided to go hang out with a few other local friends and had a better than "grand" time. We listened to music, swing danced and just overall had fun.

I am sad that we are leaving this wonderful country in two days. We made some lovely friends and saw so many beautiful things, but I cannot wait to see what adventure lies before us in the rest of Europe.



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