Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 28 - Paris, France

Well, this is day 28 and I am by myself. Mireille and I said our goodbyes last night as she left to go to the airport to go back home. Needless to say it was a sad moment. Never in my life have I had such a good time and this is majorly because of her. Every day of our trip was spent laughing and in good spirits. I will never be able to thank Mireillle enough for doing this trip of a lifetime with me. I would not have wanted to do it with anybody else.

As I was walking back from the metro station, it hit me hard. I was in Europe, all by myself. I have another 17 days of traveling left. I guess I will be finding out if I actually like myself. I was scared out of my wits when I realized it was actually happening, and yet I felt like this is right. I feel so at home, here in France. Maybe not Paris specificaly, but in this country. This feeling is so strange and indescribable, but deep down, I know I am meant to be here at this moment in time. It's like I was telling Mireille, it feels like she was over to see me and that now her visit is done.

I have to admit that when I got back to the hostel, I did a bit of mourning. I don't understand where the past month has gone. It went by so fast. I'm afraid I didn't take the time to really appreciate everythIng I've seen and where I've been, even if I would often stop in my tracks to simple take a breath and mentally take a picture of the moment. Last night, I did revert to what felt familiar. I downloaded two Celine Dion albums, the ones I have repeatedly listened to, way back when I had first trip away from home (but still stayed inside my own country). Celine has always been my favorite singer, even if I haven't listened to her in quite a long time. She sounds like home.

However, despite being scared and sad about the end of Mireille and I's trip, I am so excited about continuing this adventure by myself. It feels so empowering to know that I have to do things on my own, especially so far away from home. I am confident I will be fine and that I will have a great time.


"Va plus loin

Cherche encore

Tant que brûlera ta flamme

Le paradis qui dort

Dans les secrets de ton âme

Cherche encore

Suis ta lumière et tes lois

Si tu veux cherche encore plus fort"


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Nadia said...

nothing like a little Celine Dion to make things better, huh? :) Glad to see you're having fun :D