Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 11 and 12- Amsterdam, Bruxel, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Venice

Day 11 started like any other getting up bright and early. We ate a breakfast fit for champions and said our goodbyes to Amsterdam. The plan was to get to Venice by train by using our Eurail Pass... Not so simple. We decided to first make our way to Paris, since because of our pass, we can only travel in certain countries. On our way, we had to stop at in Belgium to catch a train that would takes us to Bruxel where we would then find our way to Paris...but for a fee of 30 euros. We finally arrived in Paris after an already long day on the trains. We were at La Garde du Nord and had to take an overnight train directly to Venice from La Garde de Lyon. We make our way there only to find out that all the train going to Venice were full until next tuesday.

Now, you have to understand that this was at about 4o'clock and we had been traveling since 9 in the morning so in other words, we were really tired! We took a few minutes to sit down, take a breath and think about our options. We decided the flying would be our best option, so we took the metro once more and made our way to Charles de Gaulle.

We make our way inside the airport and begin our search for a ticket vendor. After at least half an hour of walking around, we find one, only to find out that a flight to Rome was more than 500 euros! By this point, we were exhausted and famished. We decided to simply book a hotel for the night to rest and find a solution the next day. However, when we went looking for a ride to the hotel we chose, not a single shuttle or bus goes there. We need a taxi, but none of the drivers want to take us. Apparently our hotel is too far. However, a good samaritain decided to take us in and drove us to our hotel.

On the way to the hotel, the driver actually asked us if we were alright because we couldn't stop laughing. The bag in which I had put the salad I had bought right before leaving the airport had torn and my salad had fallen on the floor of the taxi. On top of everything that had gone on that day, that was the breaking point. Mireille and I started laughing and the point that I started crying. Was it out of tiredness, stress or laugther? I don't know, but it felt good.

We finally arrived to the hotel and make our way to our room. We couldn't beleive our eyes at the sight... A huge queen bed, a television, a beautiful clean shower and about 15 electronical outlets. We were in heaven. We then looked into getting a flight online and found one Paris-Rome, two ways, for about 250 euros each.

We then cleaned up, went to sleep and all was good in the world again. We may had been lost and stranded in Paris, but one thing we certainly didn't loose was our smile. We didn't know ow or when, but we did know we would make it to Venice.



Day 12

This morning, we woke up, you guess it, bright and early. However, 3:45am is not my idea of a wakeup time. A cab was waiting for us at 4:15 and we made our way to Chares de Gaulle once more. However, this morning, even with less than 4 hours of sleep in my body, I felt good and optimistic about finally getting to Italy. Everything in the airport went smoothly and we took off at 6:30 on schedual. It was a bit rainy, but really, I wasn't complaining. We landed in Frankfurt and I am glad to reprt that my experience in the airport was much better then the first time. Again, everything went smoothly and we flew into the rainy skies at noon.

I must say that the flight from Frankfurt to Rome was the flight I've enjoyed the most out of all the ones I ever took. You know when you're really tired, the smallest things seem so much funnier? That was the first 45 minutes of our trip. Mireille and I laughed so much for no reason, simply egging each other on and reveling in the idea that we were on our way to Italy. We also enjoyed the mini hunger games that a few passengers entered to get the seats by the exit doors and get more leg room.

At 2 o'clock, we touched earth in Rome. We couldn't beleive our luck, compared to the day before, as we gently transfered from airport to train station and made our way to the Roma Termini to catch a train to Venice. I have to say, for the few minutes we were in Rome, I found the city to be quite traveller friendly, with efficient and easy to understand signs.

We finally caught the 4:20pm train and it was with a sigh of relief that was sat in our chairs and waited for the train to make it's way directly to Venice.

On the train, we were able to catch a few zzz, which was great. We finally laid foot in Venice at 8pm.


All I can say is that I cannot wait to discover all the beauties in this city. From the few minutes I got to walk to my hostel, I'm already so amazed.

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