Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 13 - Venice, Italy

I can now say that I believe that Venice is THE most beautiful place I've ever seen. Today was spent walking around the city, window shopping, eating gelato, buying gifts, taking pictures and simply enjoying the view. Tonight, we will be riding a gondola with two girls from singapore that we met earlier.

All I can say is that the trouble we went through to get here was quite worth it.

I got to pratice the limited italian that I know with a few locals, which I really enjoyed. I was glad to find out that when I read italian, I can mostly make out the general idea of the text and when I listen to somebody speak, I can somewhat understand it. Speaking it, though, is a different story. Oh but one day...


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Irma said...

Ah Martine,quel beau voyage que vous faites et chanceuse pour nous que l'ont peut voyager avec vous deux dans ton blog.Bonne vacances,soyez prudentes......Je check le blog tout les jours,merci de partager.Les photos sont toute beaute