Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 16 - Rome, Italy

We caught our train to Rome on the morning of day 16, at 11:17. On the ride over, I made a new little furry friend. That little puppy must have been the cutest, most cuddling little thing I have ever seen! We made it safely and smoothly to Rome and found our hostel. I have to say, at first, I was a bit taken back by it. It's small, it's old, and there are four rooms packed with beds. However, it turning out to be my favorite hostel experience so far. It seems to be more of an apartment than a hostel, and it's run by one man, who is here all the time. There is no breakfast served, but the little man does cook s dinner every evening at 7:30 for everyone staying at the hostel. This is so amazing, because everybody gets together in the tiny living space, and the owner serves us a plate of pasta, and we all eat together as one big happy family. This is great, because you get to meat other people that aren't in your room and you become fast friends.

Our first night in Rome was first spent at the laundr-o-mat (I am sooo excited to have freshly cleaned clothes to wear). We then went back to the hostel with plans of doing nothing but sleeping. However, we got convinced to go out for a glass of wine with two hostel-mates. They had been here for a few days already, so the glass of wine turned into our own little private guided tour of Rome at night. I have to say, Rome at night, is incredible. Anyone who comes to this city, should definitely go out after the sun has set and simply go sightseeing. It is absolutely worth it! We ended up seeing the Trevi fountain, sitting on the Spanish Steps and people watch, ate the best gelato in Rome, and saw the coliseum all lit up. T'was a great night!


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