Wednesday, October 16, 2013

6 gorgeous boots for winter

6 gorgeous boots for winter

One (of the few) thing that I like about winter is the fact that you get to wear boots and coats. I have been searching for THE perfect pair of boots for the past few years now. While I don't have a specific idea of what I'm actually looking for, I do know what I do like in cold season footwear. Here are 6 boots that I would simply love to add to my wardrobe.

1 & 3 - These cute booties would look amazing with a skirt. If it's too cold to show some skin, some tights or leggings will keep your legs warm.

2, 4 & 6- I've had a pair of boots similar to theses ones. My favourite outfit to wear with them was a comfy, warm, long sleeved top with skinny jeans. I also was a big fan of leg warmers, so I'd often wear some cute ones under my boots. I preferred the ones that had a bit of details (such as a bit of frilling) that would appear just above the top part of the boots.

5 - I find these overtop military boots to be the cutest things ever. I believe these would be best paired with skinny jeans, as they would be folded over them. It would create the perfect casual look when paired with a short, belted jacket. You can also add a bit of layer (and warmth) by wearing wool socks that are bunched up, but that will still appear over the jeans.

What kind of boots will you be wearing this year? And with which kind of outfit?

Sunday, October 13, 2013


About a year and a half ago, I bought my first (and only) set of clip in extensions from LuxyHair and still do this day, I have no regrets.

I first heard of LuxyHair when I was searching for hairstyle tutorials on Youtube and came across the LuxyHair channel where two sisters, Mimi and Leyla, created easy and cute everyday hairstyles. From braids to buns, from updos to waves, these lovely ladies have a hairstyle for any occasion. 

Mimi and Leyla are actually the ones that founded the LuxyHair company. They provide great quality 100% remy hair that is long, thick, shiny and beautiful at an affordable price. I would highly recommend these extensions to anyone. I find that they blend well with my hair, especially if I wear them wavy or curly. They are perfect for adding volume and length to anyone's hair and will help create gorgeous hairstyles. It take aboue 5 minutes to put in and even less time to take out. As I said, I bought mine over a year and a half ago and I still wear them on a regular basis.

Here a my three favourite hairstyle tutorials from LuxyHair:

Saturday, October 12, 2013

ELIE SAAB - Spring\Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Have you seen the new Spring\Summer 2014 collection by Elie Saab? It is absolutely gorgeous! The colours, the shapes, the flow, the material, the EVERYTHING! Each and every piece, while having a certain je ne sais quoi in common, has it's own unique taste to it and I love every single one of them. Here are a few of my favourite pieces, and you can click here to see more photos of the show (all the pictures down here come from the Vogue website).

I don't know about you, but if this is a sign of what's to come next year in the fashion world, I'm quite excited about it and am really looking forward to next Spring and Summer.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Winter's a coming

Winter's a coming

With the cold weather making it's way here, here a ten super cute coats that could make the transition to the cooler seasons much better.

At the moment, I am weak for leather jackets such as the Black Faux Leather Jacket from Aéropostale. I recently bought one from New Look and I simply adore it. You can keep it casual and warm by wearing it open over a hoodie, but you can also dress it up by wearing it over a nice dress or with skinny jeans and some gorgeous pumps.

I am also a sucker for longer coats, such as the salmon coloured Marc Jacobs belted wrap coat, the mustard Vivienne Westwood coat, the red Miss Selfridge coat and the black Warehouse Crepe Military Coat. They seem a bit fancier than the average hip-length coat and would be perfect to wear out on a special events, such as on a date, an interview, an evening at the theatre, etc.

The grey Raxevsky jacket, the nude MSGM Cape en Laine and the sleeveless Haider Ackermann vest on the other hand, would be perfect for those warmer autumn evening when you only need a long sleeved shirt underneath to keep you warm. Add that to a nice of jeans with flats, and you've got the ideal casual day outfit!

Finally, the black Miu Miu belted jacket and the blue L K Bennett belted wool coat will look good on anyone, as the belt will accentuate the smallest part of your waist, therefore giving the gorgeous hourglass silhouette all the while keeping you warm and toasty.

Have you been wearing your warm coat already? What does it look like and with what kind of outfit do you prefer to wear it?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Cork Fashion Week 2013

I am so excited about the upcoming Cork Fashion Week! The even starts tomorrow and will be the first Fashion Week I ever attend. If you're in the area, be sure to get your tickets for the special events that will be taking place all throughout the week, as I am sure the places will fill up quickly. For more information, check out the Cork Fashion Week website or the Facebook page.

Here is the list of events that will be taking place throughout the week. More may be added as the week goes on.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

20s Jazz

Well the day my housemate and I had been waiting finally arrived! Our 20s Jazz themed houswarming party exceded our expectations, especially since everyone that came stayed with the theme! We had razzle, we had dazzle, we had feathers, fedoras and glitters! Despite the prohibition, our speakeasy bar flowed abundantly and the photobooth was a hit! With the best songs from Chicago, the Artist, the Great Gatsby, Boardwalk Empire and legitimate 20s decade music, the entertainement was definitely top game as we tried our best to perform the Charlseton dance. Finally, what stood out the most was the effort that the gals and lads put into their outfits: the fashion definitely fit the theme as the girls threw on their best fringe/sparkling dresses, their pearl necklaces and feather headbands, and the lads got decked out in their best suit with accessories fit for a 20s gangster!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Is it autumn already?

feel like I'm always writing about how fast time goes by. But seriously! IT FLIES BY! Saddly, I have been out of internet for the past couple months, so it hasn't been easy updating my blog. However, as I said in my last post, my 20's themed housewarming is coming up in just a few days. I've had my outfit ready for a couple weeks now and I felt like giving you all a small peak. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

...eum... Hi there!

Fiou! Has it already been 3 months since my last post? Impossible! It cannot be! So much has happened since then, it's not so hard to believe how fast the time went by. I actually feel like it's all I've been talking about this year: how time flies by.

So what's new? Well I started a new job in July... It's sadly not fashion or teaching related, but I do believe it's the best job for me at the moment. And in early August, I moved in with one of my Irish girl friend and so far, I am having a blast! It is so nice to have a flatmate again! I really liked living on my own for a while: it's definitely something I've always wanted to try. But by the end, I couldn't help feeling a bit lonely and sick of myself.

So now, here I am, in a gorgeous house with a rock wall in the kitchen, a purple wall in the living room, a fancy bedroom, high ceiling, a beautiful bathroom...shall I go on? I could write a whole post on my new house, but that isn't want I initially wanted to do.

What actually gave me inspired me to write again on my blog is the housewarming party that we are planing. It's going to be happening in a few weeks from here and I have a feeling that it's going to be amazing! It's going to be themed and people are going to have to dress in the style of, wait for it... 20s Jazz! Yes! 20s glamour and glitz all around!

Since we've made it Facebook official and sent out invites only a couple days ago, I've been thinking of decor, dress, food, drinks, music, etc. non-stop.  Of course, I've created a Pinterest board just for the event (check it out here).

So I will definitely post more on the subject in the days to follow, but in the meantime, here are a few pictures that are serving as inspiration...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Get you maxi on!

For the second day in a row, it almost feels like summer, here in Ireland, which means that I've been taking advantage of this time to wear dresses. My current obsession is maxi dresses! They are so comfortable, and paired with a nice fitting pale denim jacket, a sweet pair of wedge sandals and a belt, you have an outfit fit for boho-chic royalty! We recently had a promotion where dresses (including maxi dresses) were only 30 euros at Gap. Needless to say that I quickly took advantage of the opportunity and bought myself a few gorgeous pieces to prepare myself for sunny days to come!

Get you maxi on!