Sunday, September 29, 2013

20s Jazz

Well the day my housemate and I had been waiting finally arrived! Our 20s Jazz themed houswarming party exceded our expectations, especially since everyone that came stayed with the theme! We had razzle, we had dazzle, we had feathers, fedoras and glitters! Despite the prohibition, our speakeasy bar flowed abundantly and the photobooth was a hit! With the best songs from Chicago, the Artist, the Great Gatsby, Boardwalk Empire and legitimate 20s decade music, the entertainement was definitely top game as we tried our best to perform the Charlseton dance. Finally, what stood out the most was the effort that the gals and lads put into their outfits: the fashion definitely fit the theme as the girls threw on their best fringe/sparkling dresses, their pearl necklaces and feather headbands, and the lads got decked out in their best suit with accessories fit for a 20s gangster!

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