Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ooranya: Prologue

This story, like all stories of this sort, begins a long long time ago, in a far away place. In fact, it’s a place so far away that we could say it is in a whole other world. This story takes place in Ooranya. 

Thousands of years ago, this land was home to all the imaginable species of living creatures. From unicorns to elves, from gods to vampires, all lived in a balanced harmony. The humans, one of the most peaceful species, were only one of the thousands living in Ooranya. 

However, the humans eventually began to  become greedy, wanting more and more territories, destroying all in their path to acquire what they desired: the richness of the lands. While the other inhabitants of Ooranya had no use for the rare minerals and stones, the humans became obsessed with them. After enriching themselves, they wanted to rule all the lands. 

It had always been the Circle who had governed all of Ooranya. The Circle was made up of a representative from each species living within the realm. Together, as a group, they made all the decisions for the lands. When the humans tried to overthrow the Circle, it was time for this one to finally do something. It was then so decided that the humans could no longer remain in Ooranya. It was arranged that they would be exiled into another world. Every human in Ooranya were then hunted and sent to the other world, where they still remain today.

The humans from today have no memories of Ooranya. The tales of the enchanted lands have long since been classified as myths, legends or even simply forgotten. Once in a while, some humans will have memories and vision of the old world, but others will only say that they have a wild imagination. They do not want to believe that all the things and creatures that they “imagine” actually exist.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Taking the leap!

For a while now, I have been working on a story. It's a fantasy story with many intricate characters, but being the way that I am, I have never felt confident enough to share it with other people.

I already have over 120 pages written and yet no one has ever read it but myself. There are so many reasons for that, mainly that I don't feel confident enough in my writing skills to show others what I have created... until now.

I'm not usually one to show off my creative works and I am not one to sell my own products but while I still don't feel any more confident than I used to, I think I feel ready to share my them with others. I need to get out of my comfy bubble and out there to share my writings and imagination with you all.

The story that I am writing is a fantasy about a young woman named Laila. Laila lives in New York and nothing seems to be going the way she had planned. That is until the day that she is transported into Ooranya, a land of magical and mythical creatures. Ooranya is in grave danger and Laila is apparently the missing key in retrieving peace. Along the way, she will make many friends (and ennemies), but most importantly, she will at last find herself and become the person she has always wanted to be.

So every Saturday, I will post a part of the story, adding to the previous week. I will also add a new page to my blog for easy and direct access to the story for anyone who feels like reading it.

I have no idea what will become of this, but I'm actually feeling excited about sharing my work with you all. So if you're curious to see what happens to Laila, come in on Saturday for the prologue to her adventure!

Yours truly, Bien la vôtre,

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rosy cheeks and sunny days

I am so incredibly happy to announce that Spring is finally here! The last week or so has simply been amazing with the nice, sunny and warm weather that has been bestowed upon us. At long last, Mother Nature seems to have had gotten over her issue that she seemed to have with us, eastern Canadian folks. The snow is melting and morals are rising. And to make things even better, I have finally worn a dress without freezing my legs off, so I believe it's cause for a celebration!

Today, I was in the mood for a light and fresh look so I decided to skip my usual black liquid eyeliner in favour of a softer brown crayon eyeliner by NYC in 925 Sable. With barely there eyeshadow by Maybelline in The Nudes, and a nice light coat of mascara by bellápierre cosmetics (that I have also received in full size from a LIB beauty box!), I was able to give my eyes a fresh and awake look. Then for a bit of "fard à joue", I used my favourite one from Soap & Glory called Love at First Blush in Pink, Pop & Pearl. What I love about this particular blush is the small bit of shimmer to it. When it goes on your cheeks, it's very subtle so it illuminates your cheekbones instead of giving them that fake, matte pink look that sometimes happens.

All in all, I was very please with my makeup today. It truly reflected the light, airy feeling you get when going outside, where it's finally starting to look and feel like Spring. Now, maybe with more encouragement, Summer will get here even faster!

Yours truly, Bien la vôtre,

NYC Kohl crayon in 925 Sable
Eyeshadow base by Soap & Glory... I can't do my eyes without it!
Eyeshadow by Maybelline New York
Mascara I received in my LIB beauty box. I absolutely love it! It's so light, perfect for a more natural look.
I am obsessed with Soap & Glory makeup!
Perfect shimmer blush!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


I simply wanted to take a quick moment to thank you. I don't know who you are, where you're from, but thank you! Yes you. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Yesterday, I have hit a major milestone, which was to have over 1000 views in one day. To some, this might not seem like a lot, but for me it's a huge deal considering that when I first started writing I would go days without anyone coming for a visit.

It's also a big deal because I rarely ever go out and talk about my blog or even post my url anywhere, so I'm not big on promoting my own work. However, somehow, more than 1000 of you found your way over and many keep returning. That is why I dedicate this small post to each one of you. Just know that I greatly appreciate every singly one of you. And even if you only stopped by shortly and don't ever plan on coming back, thanks for the visit.

Your truly, Bien la vôtre,

Thursday, April 9, 2015

LOLA make up by Perse

Back when I was in London, I had ordered a few beauty boxes from Latest in Beauty and I was completely blown away by them. I am actually so sad that they don't ship anywhere else but inside the UK because they sent me THE best beauty boxes I have ever experienced. They were full of amazing beauty products, many of which were full sized. Amongst them was this little gem of a nail varnish. I am one of those unfortunate people that simply cannot keep their nail colour on. Within a day or so, it will get chipped and if I'm especially stressed that day, it will get picked off.

I fell in love with this LOLA nail colour when it survived two days without chipping. By the third day, I was sold. Plus I'm just loving this colour! Being a dark gray but not quite black, I feel like it's the perfect shade to appear chic without going gothic.

Have you ever used this brand of nail varnish? What were your thoughts?

Yours truly, Bien la vôtre,