Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 29 - Mont Saint Michel, France

Here I am, heading back to Paris after spending a few hours at the Mont Saint Michel. What a beautiful place it was. I got t visit the abbey, which was simply amazing. Walking from room to room, I could feel myself slip into the past and I could see how it was in the medieval times. It is a magical thing to experience. At one point, I imagined myself centuries before, walking the corridors of the abbey, down the streets through the little shops and houses. The shops today are quite different than what they were back then of course, with tourisme having taken over, but the present still blends quite well with the past on the Mont.


On the bus ride back to Paris, I listened as two women, one from Québec in Canada and the other from Spain, have a conversation. To someone else, it may not be interesting. But for me, a passionate for languages, it was incredible to hear. The spanish woman spoke very little french and the canadian woman spoke very little spanish. Neither talked very much in english. However, despite that, they were able to have a full conversation that lasted well over an hour, simply by using the little of french, spanish and english they knew. I didn't want to be an evesdropper, but I couldn't help myself! It was so interesting to hear and the fact that they helped each other with the words they were looking for amazed me.


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