Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I love how it's technically the middle of winter, but that girls around here still wear shorts. Yes, there is no snow in Ireland, but I still love it! I see, on a daily basis, girls and women alike wearing shorts, combined with leggings or tights. I actually quite like the look, paired with some cute booties. So today, as I was frolicking of Polyvore, I came across these nice lace covered shorts. I immediately paired it with a cute flowery top, but then realized how I tend to always for to the soft and feminine look. Therefore, I decided to add on some edgier elements, such as the batman ring (which I totally want to get) and the dark makeup. I think overall, this outfit it just the right combination of girly vs edgy and I think I could maybe wear something similar!

Would this be something you could see yourself wearing? If not, what would you change?



Darina said...

Nice combination!

Nery Hdez said...

Great selection!

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Jen27 said...

Great inspirations! Love the black blazer and that black smokey eye and winged liner :)