Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Accent heels

I am currently in love with shoes with accent heels! They are so crazy and different, which is what I love about them. These shoes here are defiantly tamed compared to so others out there. My favourite are by far the wedge heels with holes in them. I have yet to get myself a pair, but I'm sure I will find the perfect ones soon enough.

What do you think? Are these kinds of shoes something you could see yourself wearing?

Accent heels


Darina said...

Many thanks for your nice comment :) I like studs shoes with a metal spikes on the heels and red platforms with a front strap! And yes... I am your new follower :)

Ambre said...

c'est drôle, quand on a un coup de coeur, ça se voit dès le premier coup!
Juste avant de visiter ton blog j'ai vu ton profil sur blogger, et je me suis dit que celle là a du style, bien original, j’espérais que tu parlais français et paf, elle parle français! ahahah, donc voilà, effectivement je ne me suis pas trompée, tu as un superbe blog, qui sort de l'ordinaire, et surtout n'abandonne pas le français, il y'a toujours des francophones qui rodent dans la blogsphère :)
Viens faire un tour chez moi, et fais moi signe quand t'es là :D
des bisous, Ambre.

Nery Hdez said...

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Beauty by MissAsh said...

I wonder what these shoes would feel like on?

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Jennifer said...

Those burgundy wedges are awesome!

xo Jennifer


Jen27 said...

Those are some killer shoes! Love the spiked and velvet ones, especially :)