Thursday, April 9, 2015

LOLA make up by Perse

Back when I was in London, I had ordered a few beauty boxes from Latest in Beauty and I was completely blown away by them. I am actually so sad that they don't ship anywhere else but inside the UK because they sent me THE best beauty boxes I have ever experienced. They were full of amazing beauty products, many of which were full sized. Amongst them was this little gem of a nail varnish. I am one of those unfortunate people that simply cannot keep their nail colour on. Within a day or so, it will get chipped and if I'm especially stressed that day, it will get picked off.

I fell in love with this LOLA nail colour when it survived two days without chipping. By the third day, I was sold. Plus I'm just loving this colour! Being a dark gray but not quite black, I feel like it's the perfect shade to appear chic without going gothic.

Have you ever used this brand of nail varnish? What were your thoughts?

Yours truly, Bien la vĂ´tre,

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