Saturday, March 7, 2015

Miss Selfridge - Paisley Neon Scarf

Yesterday was my last day teaching in England. While the day was very much bitter sweet, I did leave the school feeling relieved and positive about my decision to go back home to Canada. If there is one important lesson that I have learned from this experience, it's to always follow your gut feeling. I have always prized myself on the fact that I do know myself well enough that I quick to realise when something will work out or not and I have always trusted that feeling. I truly believe that it's for that reason that I can confidently say that so far, I have lived a life of no regrets. Every decision I have made has always been made in order to achieve true happiness and really, with that frame of mind, how can I go wrong?

I have never been good at goodbyes and yesterday was no different. As the end of the day came closer and closer, I could feel my heartbeat race quicker and quicker as I dreaded the round of goodbyes I would have to go through. The staff I have had the chance to work with have been so amazing, friendly and inviting. I have truly learned a lot from them and the past couple months in their company have opened my eyes to different ways of teaching.

One person that has truly stood out was the Head Deputy at the school. She is such a lovely person and has been an amazing mentor. She is one of the sweetest persons I have ever had chance to meet and I very much hope to see her again someday. She truly cares for her staff and only wants the best for them. When I came by her office to bid her farewell, she surprised me with one of the most gorgeous scarves I have ever seen. She had noticed how much I love scarves and how I'm almost always wearing one, so she went and bough one from Miss Selfridge as a parting gift for me. I was truly touched by her thoughtful gesture and am so grateful for it.

Since I don't have my good camera here with me, I can't take a proper photograph of an outfit. However, I do have a similar dress as in the picture below and the scarf is actually the one that was given to me. The only item I don't have would be the mint coloured shoes, but these have been on my wish list for quite a while, so very soon...

Paisley Neon Scarf

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