Monday, March 25, 2013

Life guidelines #4: Be curious

A while ago, I started writing about the guidelines of life that I like to follow. My vision of life, if you will. Today, I would like to talk to you about education.

Now I am just not talking about school and college or university. I am talking about educating yourself by opening up your eyes to the world. Life is so beautiful, filled with such wonderful things to see, amazing places to discover... Be curious! Seek to learn a new language, to visit a new place, to find a new hobby. Learning new things will help you open your mind, broaden your horizon, make new friends and put you in contact with amazing opportunities.

I've been saying lately, how going to university was like taking a veil off my eyes. Before, I considered myself pretty open minded towards new experiences, but still had that small town mentality that held me back. Spending 6 years in university definitely helped me get rid of some of those barriers. I started striving for bigger and better things. Not material things, but life experiences. And then, last summer, I went on the ultimate experience of my life and backpacked across Europe for 6 weeks, 2 of which I did on my own. While university took the veil off my eyes, traveling made me open my eyes. I now see the world for what it is: a wonderful paradise full of amazing people! I now want to travel across the globe, see every continent, make friends from the four corners of the earth... I am curious about everything that is out there, I want to try it out all at least once.

I can say that I love the person that I am today, and I contribute a lot of that to my travels. During my time with my backpack, especially those two weeks on my own, I learned more about myself than I ever did in the last 25 years. I've learned to appreciate the small things and that money isn't what makes you rich.

I've never considered myself emotionally attached to my country of origin, and now I know why. I am a citizen of the world, a happy-infected-with-wanderlust traveler, and a seeker of knowledge and experiences. I am not saying that you should book a flight to Australia for next week or anything.

I'm simply urging you to not be afraid of trying out new things, even if it is only the new restaurant down the street. You might end up finding out that you actually really like sushi and that raw fish is not as disgusting as you originally thought!

Be curious

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