Saturday, February 21, 2015

Let's catch-up

It has been ages since the last time I wrote and I have really missed it! So much has happened since my last post last summer. A few big changes have happened in the past few months, which is partly why I want to start this blog up again. First of all, in August, I decided to go back home to Canada for a few months. I was to return to Ireland between Christmas and New Years, but a change of plan occurred and I got an offer to teach in a primary school in England. Now, instead of keeping you all reading for hours, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll simply show you what I have been up to since last July.
Back in Canada, enjoying the warmth
Having food at my favourite restaurant with my bestie
Didn't even bother to brush my hair as I was just about to get it cut
It's all gone!!
After spending a month apart, my guy is finally over for a visit to meet my family
Turned 27
A bit of Halloween art
This year's costume... all done with liquid eyeliner!
I got engaged!!!!!
Saw snow for the first time in nearly two years!
My new FIANCÉ and I moved to England
Finally found one of these babies
London sightseeing
Big Ben
London eye
Off to Hogwarts I go!
Found a Canadian pub in the heart of London
and indulged in some delicious Canadian delicacy... a poutine!