Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 1 - To Hell and Back

For those of you who have noticed, I've added a page call To Hell and Back. To recap, it's about an even that will be taking place in June in the form  of a 10K marathon\obstacle course. A friend recently told me about it and I've decided that I wanted to participate.

On the Hell and Back page, I will keep track of my training from now until then. I've decided to share this experience with everyone, mainly because it will be a source of motivation for me.  You guys can feel free to try out the same workout routine and let me know how it went for you.

I think this week, the toughest thing for me was my motivation. I really enjoy jogging, but I find it so hard to bring myself to do it. Once I'm doing it, it's fine. My problem is getting myself off my butt and up and running.

Last summer, a friend of mine and I had started a jogging program to be able to jog 10km non-stop. I actually found it easy and made it up to about 4km without stopping but that was on a treadmill. Is it just me, or is it more tiring to jog outside? And to make things worst, on pavement?

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