Wednesday, October 16, 2013

6 gorgeous boots for winter

6 gorgeous boots for winter

One (of the few) thing that I like about winter is the fact that you get to wear boots and coats. I have been searching for THE perfect pair of boots for the past few years now. While I don't have a specific idea of what I'm actually looking for, I do know what I do like in cold season footwear. Here are 6 boots that I would simply love to add to my wardrobe.

1 & 3 - These cute booties would look amazing with a skirt. If it's too cold to show some skin, some tights or leggings will keep your legs warm.

2, 4 & 6- I've had a pair of boots similar to theses ones. My favourite outfit to wear with them was a comfy, warm, long sleeved top with skinny jeans. I also was a big fan of leg warmers, so I'd often wear some cute ones under my boots. I preferred the ones that had a bit of details (such as a bit of frilling) that would appear just above the top part of the boots.

5 - I find these overtop military boots to be the cutest things ever. I believe these would be best paired with skinny jeans, as they would be folded over them. It would create the perfect casual look when paired with a short, belted jacket. You can also add a bit of layer (and warmth) by wearing wool socks that are bunched up, but that will still appear over the jeans.

What kind of boots will you be wearing this year? And with which kind of outfit?

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